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    Welcome to Hangzhou Brother Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. Website!
    about us

    Hangzhou Brother Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise established by professors of Zhejiang University. Located in Hangzhou Xiasha National Incubator Park, we enjoy   leading equipment, advanced facilities and beautiful surrounding. There are 200 employees, including two professors, 5 masters and about 68% of staffs have college education. Moreover, we have one R&D center in Xiasha, two production bases in Fuyang of Zhejiang province and Qidong of Jiangsu province separately, and five modern standard production lines (for Mesalazine, Benflumetol and Atovaquone, etc), which have certificated to ISO9001 quality system successfully. Situated in the key developing industry field in the future, we are going to try everything to be part in the Malaria Control Programme of WHO, and making our contribution to the development of this program; we are also going to pay more attentions and increase investments in the development of anti-tumor and cardiovascular drugs. Through expanding manufacturing kinds and scales, and actively developing new drugs with self-IPRs, we are striving to be the major manufacturer in the world for Anti-malarial APIs.

    Our main products are Mesalazine, Benflumetol and Atovaquone, etc. We are the technologically sophisticated manufacturing enterprise of China for these products. Since the beginning of production, we have successfully sold our products into the markets of Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, etc. Due to stable quality, we are highly appraised by customers all around the world.

    Under the supports of leading technologies, Hangzhou Brother Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. works hard on reforming. Adhering to the business philosophy of "being human-oriented", we emphasize individual values and talents. Through improving products, expanding new fields, researching and developing new products continuously, we are working hard for getting sustainable development.

    Sticking to such business tenet of "quality first, credit supreme", we are dedicated to providing our customers with first-class products and service. We are looking forward to cooperating with friends and colleagues all over the world for creating a bright future together!